Kendra Wilkinson Sport X-pole 45mm

  • Posted on July 21, 2011 at 6:09 pm

Kendra Wilkinson Sport X-pole Product Description

The Kendra Wilkinson Sport X-pole is proudly made in the USA. This is the much anticipated and exclusive pole dancing kit by Kendra Wilkinson. Custom designed with it’s own carrying case, the Kendra Sport is fully portable and easy to assemble. In collaboration with dance professionals, the Kendra Sport X-pole offers advanced design and engineering at it’s best. From pole exercise hobbyist, to professional dancers, this ergonomically designed stripper pole meets the demanding needs of serious dance enthusiasts.

The Kendra Sport Pole X-pole is fully portable and removable. This dance pole is bottom loading making it easy to install without needing a ladder. It will fit ceilings from 7ft 4 inches up to 9 ft. An extended maximum height of 12 ft. can be added using the optional extra extensions.

Enjoy the excitement of the Kendra X-pole stripper pole with dance parties, exercise or private entertainment, all in the privacy of your own home. Dance and exercise has never been more enjoyable than using the professional X-Pole by Kendra Wilkinson.

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Some of the features of the Kendra Sport X-pole

  • 45mm chrome pole
  • portable and complete with convenient carrying case
  • easy to install with instructions
  • perfect for daily exercise routines
  • best dance pole for the money!
  • Kendra Sport X-pole has a one year warranty

Kendra Wilkinson Sport X-pole Consumer Reviews

Consumers have given the Kendra Wilkinson X-pole a five star rating. After reading the many reviews of this product we have come to one conclusion; this is a favorite dance pole that performs as advertised. Many describe this stripper pole as amazingly sturdy and easy to install. Adjusting to different ceiling heights is made simple with the use of the additional top pieces that are included. All tools are included for the assembly so there is no need to buy anything additional.

Consumers weighing as much as 200lbs. reported that the dance pole was stable and easily supported their exercises. Many customers, having previously owned another brand, commented that they had made no further adjustments to the Kendra X-pole, unlike previous dance poles that had to be tightened and adjusted after every use. Safe and secure was a commonly used term to describe this stripper pole.

According to several reviews we found on the X-pole is that the instructions included are not very good and it was recommended that you watch you-tube videos which describe the installation in clearer terms. After reading all the positive reviews on the Kendra Sport X-pole, we would feel very comfortable in saying this would be a great choice for anyone looking for a stable and professional stripper pole.

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